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Lake Como: The Villa Carlotta

Posted on 29/08/2012

One of the best things I did when I went to Lake Como in July was visit the Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo.  The villa was built in 1690 and was one of the main stops on The Grand Tour. It is famous for its beautiful gardens and sculptures, including a copy of Canova’s “Cupid & Psyche”, one of my favourite works of art. The villa is named after Charlotte,  Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen who was given it as a wedding gift in 1843 by her mother Princess Marianna of Prussia.

I especially loved the Japanese garden. It’s full of traditionally Japanese decorative elements, all different coloured Acer trees (Japanese Maples) and different species of bamboo. One day I love to make a corner of my garden like this. Its such a quiet and meditative place to come and sit and just enjoy the beauty of the trees. It made me want to visit the real gardens in Japan that inspired it even more.