Vintage KTF Trifari Pastel Fruit Salad Dress Clip

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Art Deco
5 x 4.5cm

An extremely rare and sought after example of early Trifari Fruit Salad jewellery, this dress clip was designed by Alfred Philippe, c.1937.

The clip is rhodium plated base metal, set with fruit salad stones in pastel shades of Jade Green, Coral and Turquoise.

Marked: KTF

About the Designer

Trifari 1918 - Present
Originally set up by Italian Gustavo Trifari and Leo Kraussman in 1918, Carl Fishel joined the firm in 1925 and they became KTF. This mark appears on pieces made prior to 1937.
Trifari employed several notable designers throughout the course of their history, but it was in 1930 that they hired Alfred Philippe who was responsible for creating some of Trifari's most collectable peices.
In 1952 Trifari famously took Coro, their leading competitor to court for copyright infringement and won.
As a result of their success in establishing costume jewellery designs as works of art all Trifrai jewellery from c.1955 onwards bore the copyright symbol.
Sadly, like many other costume jewellery firms of the time Trifari struggled in the 1970's. They did not close but were sold to Hallmark in 1975 and were later bought by the Liz Claibourne group in 2000.
Trifari are one of the most prolific producers of American costume jewellery, their vintage pieces are renowned for their quality and are highly prized by collectors, those with the earlier KTF mark are especially desirable.