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The Handbag Doctor is in!

Posted on 07/09/2012

I recently inherited my Great Grandmother Vintage Crocodile clutch which I absolutely love, it’s so ladylike and elegant. Its incredible to think I’m the 4th generation of my family to use it.

So now that I possess this fabulous bag I am charged with looking after it, a serious undertaking if I want to be able to pass it on to the next generation some day. Unfortunately the first thing I realized when I used the bag  for the first time, is that the catch doesn’t stay shut, oh dear! Said catch is also looking a little sad and pretty scratched.

I had no idea how or if the catch could be fixed, so I went online to investigate.

I found help in the shape of Martin Ashworth and The Leather Workshop. Martin is a master craftsman, who restores and reconditions vintage and antique leather pieces like bags and trunks, he also makes beautiful custom leather goods to order.



Martin removed and took apart the clasp and completely rebuilt it, it now works perfectly! He also buffed out the scratches and “fed” my bag, which had become dry over time. This will give it a new lease of life, preventing it from cracking and restoring its beautifull glossy surface. At the same time its very important to Martin (and to me) that my bag does not look new, it retains its fabulous aged feel and this is an important part of Martin’s philosophy.

So here it is my beautifully restored bag, I’m thrilled!

You can see photos of Martin’s previous work and read many glowing reviews on his website, The Leather Workshop. Martin is a fabulous find and if your a lover of Vintage he’s a great person to have in your address book.

  • Shona van Beers

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I am delighted to learn about this master craftsperson, just in time for perhaps a pair of shoes and some gloves to be rescued!

    • Natalie

      Hi Shona, my pleasure! I’m delighted that to hear that Martin might be able to help you, he is a true craftsman!